LifeLogger Creates Strong Momentum to Kick Off 2016

February 17, 2016

LifeLogger Technologies Corp today announced strategic initiatives that have resulted in a five-fold increase in website traffic and a quickly growing wait list for its online video service in the first six weeks of 2016.

Beginning in November 2015, LifeLogger began executing three major strategic initiatives designed to help the Company increase adoption of its software platform.

(1) Become the first media platform that is completely device agnostic.

With the current weakness in the wearable camera market, LifeLogger’s team focused its efforts on making its applications compatible with all the major wearable cameras in the market today. A GoPro-compatible mobile app is already in testing and development of other mobile apps has begun for other device manufacturers. Furthermore, LifeLogger continues R&D on a camera of its own, with a working headset prototype currently ready for internal use and testing.

(2) Transform LifeLogger Marketing to a data-driven customer-focused engine.

LifeLogger has made significant changes to its product, marketing, and analytics to gain a data-driven understanding of user growth and customer engagement. In addition, the team has also began incorporating best practices from its Pixorial acquisition into its marketing and customer engagement efforts.

(3) Create a rich media experience by automatically mapping the location where the video was shot.

Building on the launch of its private beta, LifeLogger has added capabilities to its platform that simplify the organization and sharing of video memories. Those additions include the ability to add videos from any source directly from user’s desktop, and to make sharing and finding videos much easier. Users can also now livestream videos that are automatically saved. But most important are LifeLogger’s efforts to provide a rich video experience, where the video is presented with relevant context to help tell a better story. For example, videos play with geo-location information automatically mapping the location where the video was shot and allowing the user to explore nearby areas of interest.

Andres Espineira, LifeLogger’s Chief Marketing Officer, noted, “We are very pleased that due to our strategic initiatives traffic to has quintupled in 2016 as compared to the last three months of 2015. We are only scratching the surface with our growth and already have thousands of customers on the waitlist eager to try our online service.”

While LifeLogger’s Beta is now open to everyone, the company has implemented a waitlist at and is rolling out invitations in a controlled manner to avoid the typical outages and slow response that have marred other services in the past. Online video puts a tremendous demand upon any online service infrastructure, so the waitlist is being used as a queuing mechanism to maintain the best possible experience for its valued customers.


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LifeLogger Technologies Corp. has developed a Web APP software solution providing the ability to capture, store and livestream your memories. We are device agnostic, allowing you to use your iOS or Android device, or other wearable camera and/or sensor solutions. We have cutting-edge technology that presents meaningful advanced search functionality, including geo-enabled location search & face detection. For more information please visit

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