This wearable camera films life from your point of view

May 13, 2014

engadgetWe’ve seen all sorts of wearable cameras for capturing life’s precious moments, and now there’s a head-worn option to capture the action as you see it. After showing off its headset at CES, LifeLogger has now turned to Kickstarter to bring the gadget to the masses. Capable of capturing up to eight hours of video, the camera has built-in GPS and WiFi connectivity for working in tandem with iOS and Android companion apps. It’s equipped with live streaming features too, so instantly beaming footage to a computer, tablet or smartphone is a breeze — as long as there’s a solid wireless internet connection, of course.

There’s no need to plug in the unit to grab the files either. LifeLogger uploads videos to a cloud-based repository through the aforementioned WiFi, organized by date or GPS coordinates and having undergone face detection, voice recognition and more for optimal future searching.

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