LifeLogger wearable camera spots faces, speech & text: Hands-on

January 9, 2014

slashgear_logoAnybody can clip on a camera and call it a life-logger, but startup LifeLogger says its wearable goes the extra mile with its combination of face, text, and even audio recognition to make reviewing your “augmented memory” more meaningful. Showing at CES 2014 this week, LifeLogger’s approach consists of a tiny, gum-packet sized stick camera weighing around 9g and which can record 720/30p HD video as well as stills, and a companion cloud service that does the heavy lifting by processing all that recorded content and allowing you to make better sense of it. We grabbed some hands-on time at the show to find out more.

The LifeLogger camera itself is relatively discrete, finished in two-tone grey plastic with a pair of silver buttons on the side: one for triggering video and the other for taking a photo. It slots onto a black plastic band which runs around the back of the head, and which keeps it in place against the side of your face. It’s not the most handsome of solutions, but it’s probably a little more subdued than Google’s Glass.

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