Lifelogger wearable camera records, streams POV video

May 13, 2014

technologytellIf you haven’t noticed, we as human beings are pretty social. We love to share and gain recognition, sometimes a little too much (e.g. selfies, food photos, sexting, etc). Strange behavior aside, we participate in a lot of amazing moments and manage to get some pretty good photos from it. Videos? Sometimes. Maybe not enough. The best way to guarantee some good video is to keep a camera rolling at all times.

There have been a growing number of lifelogging cameras to hit the market. There’s the Autographer, MeCam, Narrative Clip, Panasonic’s HX-A100, and, of course, Google Glass, to name a few. But these options are either expensive, aren’t that great at point-of-view (POV), or will get your arse kicked from being in the wrong place. Lucky for you, there’s a new contender in this growing market segment.

The Lifelogger wearable camera is able to capture video from the point of view of your face and not your chest. This is pretty keen, considering the hours of terrible photos or video one has to sort through with a shirt-mounted camera. Since the Lifelogger camera is worn about the head, users should be pretty confident that they’re recording what they’re actually seeing. The design itself is like a set of behind-the-head headphones, but with a camera attached to the end. It sort of looks like a huge (old) Bluetooth earpiece. Since it’s not Google Glass’ish, you’re probably safe from assault.

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