Lifelogger Talks to Skyhook Wireless About the Future of Wearable Cameras

January 8, 2014

skyhookLife tracking and monitoring is a major theme in the growing wearable community. LifeLogger technology will completely change the way users view and remember their lives. LifeLogger has created the ultimate lifelogging system that will enable users to take live videos, stream and share them in real-time and then later view them on any device through the lifelogging cloud system.

The LifeLogger wearable camera has a built in GPS system and enables users to stream their videos in real time. The user experience combines video, face recognition, voice and text recognition, map and positioning all on one screen for a memory playback function. With a click of the mouse users can select any recognized face, voice, or text and instantly view the exact moment of the video.

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