LifeLogger helps you capture life’s key moments on-the-move

May 18, 2014

coolestGadgetsHow do you actually remember your life, and would like the others around you to remember you in the long run? While a lot of it has to do with your day to day living, being totally honest and unpretentious, there is also the aid of cameras and video recorders that capture stills as well as key moments such as walking down the aisle with the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. However, carrying a video recording device everywhere you go is not too practical, and not everyone can afford a pair of Google Glass. With the LifeLogger, this look set to change.

LifeLogger is touted to be the world’s first head worn wearable camera whose sole purpose is to capture, share and make your life story digitally searchable and stashed away for good. It claims to have the ultimate life logging system, where it comes equipped with a cloud solution as well as metadata processing software which will actively stash your memories, making them available to you on the web, desktop and across the slew of your mobile devices.

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