Life, as you see it, with the LifeLogger camera

May 14, 2014

stufftvThe wearable camera captures your daily lives, so you don’t miss a moment
Recall that moment on Minority Report when Tom Cruise re-watches his recorded point-of-view (POV) memories of his family over and over again? This wearable camera, LifeLogger, does that in a similar fashion, and more.

The head-worn device, which is said to be the world’s smallest and lightest wearable camera, captures up to eight hours of video from the POV of your face, so chances of you getting into trouble for filming body parts beyond that is pretty slim.

It sports built-in GPS and Wi-Fi that connects images and videos with its iOS and Android companion apps.

And for live streaming fans, it has the capability to beam real-time footage of what you’re seeing onto a mobile device or PC (granted you’ve got a solid Wi-Fi connection).

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